AlFa Corp
Enterprise Solutions of Tomorrow

Mission Statement
AlFa Holdings is a premium holdings company offering highly exquisite and professional subsidiaries to successfully yield your business endeavors into your industry for profitable revenue.

The Company
AlFa Holdings was founded in Los Angeles, California in 1999 by Albert, former founder of ALFa Automobiles, AlFa Photography, AlFa Media, and AlFa Estates who had worked both in the computer sector (hardware and software) and in the leisure sector (providing high end photography services to Southern California’s Automotive culture). Today, our Headquarters and Office is located in Los Angeles, California, USA and our North American Production Operations Plant is located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Why Choose AlFa Holdings?
Our primary objective is to strengthen our subsidiaries in the highest level of standards. A quick overview of our portfolio certainly displays an impression upon our professionalism and a glance over our company successes demonstrate our prior engagements with powerful achievements. Our track record is rich because we believe that absolute exquisiteness put forth to our companies is critical for our holdings. company success and delivering high standards in stability is what we strive for.

“Life’s too short and the road too long to drive for anything less than the very paramount.”