Charity within the communities prospective was a fundamental goal at AlFa Holdings, as philanthropic contributions played a vital role in the growth of our company. That’s why we’ve pledged to create the AlFa Foundation and donate 10% of all proceeds directly to local charity, where it’s most important and impacting. We made it a point to become especially active within our surrounding communities by volunteering on a regular basis because our nesting community is a vital dwelling for everyone at AlFa Holdings. We have implemented volunteer days twice-a-year encouraging all our members to serve different organizations throughout the area and thoroughly encourage all our interns to participate regularly in charitable activities. We believe doing so will foster city economics and provide opportunities for individuals to excel at. This fostering in turn will provide these individuals with the ability to contribute right back to the nesting ground that we are all a part of. It’s a basic concept of community recycling that many often overlook. Ask how you can contribute!

Companies that wholeheartedly contribute back to their foundations and local charitable organizations not only reap personal well-being in the form of positive assurances and justification, but also reap an environment that furnishes success, motivation and reputation of purity – the underlying entities that money absolutely cannot purchase.
– Albert

AlFa Foundation is a proud participant of:

  • From Hate to hope Featuring Dr. Terrence Roberts (Little Rock Nine)
  • “Honoring our Veterans”
  • American Red Cross Blood Donations
  • APLA contributor
  • American Red Cross Disaster Relief Services
  • Rock the Vote
  • ASCC Annual Food & Toy Drive
  • No-cost services provided to Church
  • Goodwill
  • Special Olympics
  • Boys & Girls Club of America
  • Jeepin’ Toys for Tots
  • Help Jen Walk Again

In exchange for your viewing of a few ads, the sponsors donate food to the hungry. For a few seconds of your time you can feed someone. Please visit the site once a day and distribute “The Hunger Site” to everyone you know

100% of proceeds are donated to local charity.